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Transform Your Water with a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System…

And Create Delicious, Healthy Water Free of up to 99.9% of Common Contaminants Found In Our Local Water Supply.

With water touching every aspect of our lives, we believe that high-quality water shouldn’t just be reserved for your kitchen sink. Your family deserves the best quality water throughout your entire home.

What’s the solution?

The answer is simple.

Most companies will sell you several expensive systems to do less than our one system does better than anyone else.

What is that you ask?

Our single system softens, filters, and removes up to 99.9% of contaminants for your entire home, including lead, arsenic, chromium hexavalent, trihalomethanes, PFAS, industrial and agricultural runoff, pharmaceuticals, not to mention chlorine, fluoride and iron. While all of these contaminants may or may not be in your water, chances are in Southern California you’ve got at least some…

How are you currently removing them?

A fridge filter? Nope – doesn’t remove the vast majority of common contaminants or protect your entire home.

A whole home carbon filter? Nope – most contaminants sneak right on through.

A water softener? Nope – these remove hardness minerals but no other contaminants. Plus they use salt. 

A reverse osmosis (RO) system at your kitchen sink? Nope – while this is great for drinking right from the RO faucet, the water you’re bathing in and absorbing through your skin still may contain nasty contaminants. 

Now, if you had ALL of these systems, your water would be better…but not really, really, REALLY clean. 

Discover the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance! 

Our system, which is backed by local, licensed, reliable service, gets your home's water really, really, REALLY clean so you can enjoy your home without worry. HANS™ Premium Water Appliance provides:

Cleaner water than mandated by federal guidelines

Cleaner water than mandated than health guidelines

Cleaner water than...well...just about any water you're used to 

Get Acquainted With Your New BFF

No matter your water worry, a HANS™ Premium Water Appliance can put your mind at ease. It is the whole-house solution that does it all!

No Matter What Your Water Worry Is...We've Got You Covered.


Dangerous Contaminants

There is no other single home water appliance on the market for residential homes that removes contaminants at these levels.

The proprietary membranes in the HANS™ Premium Water Appliance have been third party tested to NSF 58 standards for the removal of:

Lead – less than 1 ppb (parts per billion)
Chromium Hexavalent – less than 1 ppb
PFOA & PFOS – less than 20 ppt
Arsenic – less than 1 ppb
Iron* – .02 ppm (parts per million)
Chloroform – less than 2 ppb
Nitrate – 0.9 ppm
Nitrite – 0.2 ppm
Fluoride – 0.8 ppm

ppm = parts per million | ppb = parts per billion | ppt = parts per trillion
*Water with iron levels above 2.5 ppm requires pre-filtering


Chlorine is a necessary evil that municipal water systems use to kill disease-causing bacteria.

However, chlorine can cause your water to smell like a pool and taste like one too. It can dry out your skin and hair AND it’s really not something you should be drinking or bathing in either.

A HANS™ Premium Water Appliance gets the chlorine out giving you fresh-tasting, odor-free water from every tap.

Hard Water

We love geeking 🤓 out on water chemistry, however, we'll keep things simple here. A water softener only softens water. It does little to purify it. In order for a softener to work, it needs to be fed salt like a hungry bear with an electrolyte deficit. Many communities across Southern California are passing ordinances banning the use of salt in water softeners, making homeowners switch to potassium chloride, an expensive alternative. Why break the bank and your back lugging around heavy bags of salt and feeding it into a device that does only one thing – soften? A HANS™ Premium Water Appliance removes hardness (to less than 1 ppm) – without salt. And unlike other salt-less water systems, this one really works.


Smelly or Discolored Water

 Water contamination can cause your water to stain or even smell like rotten eggs. Neither of which is simple to remove or live with.

With a HANS™ Premium Water Appliance, no matter how brown and smelly your water is, it’ll flow crystal-clear and odor-free from every faucet and shower head inside your house.

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