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An All-Natural Relyon Water Softener Can Save You Up to 75% on Soap Costs While Also Prolonging the Life of Water-Using Appliances Up to 30%.

With highly efficient automatic regeneration and convenient salt-efficient technology, there’s no better time to get soft, chlorine-free water throughout your entire home.

You’ll enjoy bubble baths with more bubbles, coffee and tea that tastes better, softer skin, silkier hair, brighter colored clothes, whiter white clothes, and fewer hard water spots on your dishes, glassware, and fixtures.

If that wasn’t enough, our systems are made in the USA and come with excellent warranties – all backed by local, reliable, & courteous¬†service right here in Southern California. We are licensed plumbers in the state of California and certified by the Water Quality Association. Fill out the contact form or call (760) 378-7522 today to learn more!

Water in Southern California is considered “extremely hard” by the USGS. A Relyon Water Softener can protect your home’s plumbing, fixtures, and water-using appliance. To learn more about protecting your home, contact us today.
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Relyon Water Water Softener

One Size Doesn't Fit All...

When it comes to researching water treatment and softening options, there’s a lot to consider. How hard is your water? How much chlorine do you have? How much water do you use? What size are your home’s water pipes? What flow-rate for your water do you need?

That’s exactly why we offer professional water testing, expert installation, and lifetime warranties on our products so that you can rest assured you’re investing in the RIGHT system for you your home.

We offer a variety of sizes and pricing options to fit YOUR needs and YOUR budget. You are at the heart of our services and our products.

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